Last week we opened the doors to the school and welcomed the students back for another year at Secondary ISCAT Maresme, and they accepted the challenge with optimism and a wish to grow their knowledge through new and exciting experiences. Here are some short stories from recent classroom activities.


This week in geography we looked at other geographical reasons for wearing masks. We discussed the effects of pollution on people living in big cities around the word and focussed on Bangkok.


This week in catalan class we were working with the topic of masks to discover that they exist since the beginning of humanity. All the countries and cultures have their own masks and their specific functions.


Brand new term, brand new week, brand new theme. This week: masks!

In our business studies students had to identify the gap in the market for covid masks. They came up with a brilliant idea. The new ‘cool’ mask had to copy Eastpac on the outside with its young palette of block colours, while featuring ‘air’ technology on the inside for better breathability.


In English, students understood that the mask is also a metaphor. Sometimes it is the things we hide. Sometimes it is our protection from things we fear.


In maths we understood how to calculate the % of particles leaked through two layers of cloth masks (sick person to healthy person).


We looked at masks in a different way – not on your head, but on your feet. How do they protect you from the places you walk? How does the look of a shoe enhance or affect you? The students drew their shoes.


Masks are tools that we use to achieve certain goals. In computing we learned about how coding can make tools to achieve goals – using Decomposition of problems, to break them down into their component parts, and Algorithms that allow us to give sequences of instructions.


Science year 7/8: this week year 7/8 learned the importance of energy from food. They discovered how to calculate the energy of food sources per portion size using the information given on the food label. Not only that but they burned some food like bread to discover how much energy was inside!!! We must not forget to wear protection on our face (goggles) just like the masks we wear during the pandemic to protect ourselves.