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What makes
us different


Learning at International School Maresme opens a world of opportunities


Cutting-edge educational and pedagogical knowledge and practice.


Highly experienced internationally trained teachers.


English as the language of interchange: All lessons are taught in English.


Surrounded by nature in a healthy and nurturing environment: Own forest and breath-taking views of the Maresme.


Forest School embedded in our weekly rich and balanced timetable.

Mission & Vision

We offer a stimulating, engaging and challenging multicultural environment where the intellectual, emotional and creative potential of each student is developed, optimised and respected.

In every instance, our school’s pedagogy supports high academic achievement, intellectual, creative and emotional development for each child, and the fostering of a lifelong passion for learning. We do this by providing an inclusive, happy, safe and supportive learning environment, where achievement is celebrated, in the belief that everyone has something of value to give.

At International School Maresme we nurture individual potential and talents based on our very bespoke educational programme. All our students come to school each day feeling loved, respected and encouraged to develop to their fullest potential.

Our inclusive learning environment acknowledges and respects children from diverse family and cultural backgrounds, as well as children with diverse and alternative abilities and learning styles, aiming for the highest standards of academic performance and qualifications for each child. We open doors!


The value given to each child’s personality, culture, home language, creativity and rhythm of development is characteristic of the school’s commitment, requiring that the classroom become, for each and every child, a place of welcome, a nurturing environment, where each individual enters happily each day, confident that his or her own personality is respected and valued.

Integrity, respect and responsibility are the cornerstones on which our students build their future as tolerant, open-minded world citizens and independent thinkers.

Equality, justice, resilience, solidarity and accountability are promoted in every learning activity and daily task. These core values are intrinsically embedded in everything we do at International School Maresme.

British Council Accreditation

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities in six continents and over 100 countries, bringing international opportunity to life, every day. At International School Maresme, the British Council in Spain and NABSS have overseen and certified our school inspection.

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