This week the school theme has been INVADERS and each subject teacher has interpreted the idea in different ways, often with the schoolchildren contributing their own ideas in class as to how it could be possible to understand the concept through the lens of that subject. 


This week students learnt about the effects of humans invading the natural environment by looking at the example of deforestation. 

Computer Science

This week we have been learning about variables. Y9 considered how the code that controls the arcade game Space Invaders is also made up from variables and algorithms.

Art & Design

In art we conducted our first invasion of the school walls by putting up images which will the students will use as key inspiration for the rest of this half-term.


In English we analyzed how fairytales can also be seen as stories of invasion and we attempted to express how invasions teach us valuable life lessons. Little Red Riding Hood learns to keep her focus and protect vulnerable people better. Snow White teaches the seven dwarves to hold a neater house. Students then reflected on how the covid crisis strengthened their family, too. 

¨We will visit our grandparents more after realizing how much we missed them¨

¨Covid made me a stronger, better person. I realise that things don’t always go well.¨

¨We´ve learned that we must keep on working whatever happens. We´ve also learned to be more careful. ¨

¨ It made me stronger by realizing that I always have my family, even in the bad times. There is always a good thing. So you just have to keep on going and not give up.¨


Launching a new product is sometimes referred to as “invading the market”, in particular,  if the product is seen as unfair competition. We learned about the science of persuasion and behaviour architecture. Specifically, how to present a new idea to drive behavioural change. All businesses should start with their mission, who they are, what they believe in. If people connect to this core belief, they will happily buy your product.

An invasion of people, or products, who have values you respect is not really an invasion – it is a welcome change. 

Students then applied this to the business idea they mentioned: producing face masks. They decided their core value was one of friendship. Hence everything they did had to create bonds and strengthen friendships. Immediately, they started having ideas about how the mask design could reflect different friendships.


We sometimes use the word “invasion” when we refer to mass tourism. In maths students studied average expenditure of tourists versus locals when visiting the Sagrada Familia. They learned to express their feelings about issues using numbers to evaluate a proposal for the tourism board.

Maths year 7/8

INVASION of a small weird number in the top right hand corner of my whole number? This week, year 7/8 recapped how to find the square and cube of numbers between 1-20 and then moved onto finding the square and cube root of numbers, all mentally!!

Maths year 9

What happens when a number is invaded with another smaller number in the top right hand corner? What does that mean? And what do we do with it? This week year 9 learned the rules of indices and were able to apply this and their knowledge on BIDMAS to solve and simplify equations and expressions respectively!


While this had nothing to do with invasion, students did a few gothic tableaus in drama. Below a bicycle and a grave.


Are we alone? Most are far away, but other worlds that could have life are even closer.This week in Spanish Year 7 and 8 we were working about how to write an email to other lives in our solar system explaining to them how our life is on The Earth. We discovered SETI Institute. They are researchers looking for both microscopic and macroscopic life using a variety of instruments and strategies. Understanding where biology may gain a foothold and detecting its presence is the goal of these scientists, and they hope to establish whether life is commonplace or rare.

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25 de septiembre de 2020


La vida en la tierra

Hola me llamo Ion y te voy a hacer una pequeña introducción a nuestro planeta porque necesitamos ayuda.

Aquí en nuestra tierra vivimos bastante bien pero tenemos un problemilla, estamos contaminando mucho y nuestra tierra se está muriendo. Con la tecnología que estamos creando  estamos contaminando mucho. Y además también hay que contar lo que contamina la gente normal tirando cosas al suelo. 

En nuestro planeta un día tiene 24 horas, una semana 7 días, un mes 30 días y un año 365 días.

Normalmente a las 8:45 comienzo el cole, después por la tarde a las 4:15 salgo del cole para ir  a fútbol. Después del fútbol voy a casa a cenar y después voy a dormir, y así repetitivamente.   

A nosotros no nos gusta trabajar, siempre queremos juerga (jugar, estar tranquilo…).

Hasta pronto, espero que escuches mi petición!



Science year 7, 8 and 9

This week year 7,8 and 9 learned the very famous law that is said to have originated from one of Sir Issac Newton’s discoveries. It is that; energy cannot be destroyed nor created only transferred from one to another. With their knowledge of the law of conservation of energy they were able to describe how the energy coming from a lightbulb was transferred by the sun to the light and heat we see and feel in a lightbulb! Where did this INVASION of energy come from? where did it all begin?

Science year 10

This week year 10 learned Newton’s first and second law of motion and applied it to GCSE questions. They learned that two body´s with different mass, when dropped from a height, will hit the ground at the same time because the acceleration due to gravity is the same even though their force due to gravity is different. This is a concept that most adults can get confused about.

The Role of Mass in Free Fall

Newton’s first law states that every object will remain at rest or at constant velocity until acted upon by an external force. Well what happens if there is an INVASION of an external force? You can ask our GCSE students, they will be able to tell you.