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Primary education

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Primary education

We work to inspire creativity and an excitement for learning that will remain with your child for life. This is why, at this young age, we introduce our children to the concept of opportunity. The opportunity to learn, to create and above all to discover, nurture and maximise all individual talents in order to reach and exceed their full potential. Our teachers carefully plan the curriculum based around student needs and interests, providing the appropriate challenge at all times.


Key stage 1

Children begin their Primary education in KEY STAGE 1, which is comprised of Year 1 and Year 2, honing in on the building blocks of reading and writing, using the skills of independence and creativity acquired in Early Years to build their knowledge of phonics.

They begin to put sounds together to make words and teachers ensure that each one progresses at his or her own pace by using personal interests and motivation as the springboard for learning to write through writing. Reading one’s own text, reading in small teacher-led groups and excitedly sharing at home our rapidly developing literacy skills, all provide constant motivation and stimulation for our emergent readers and writers.

The foundation skills in Mathematics are built through active learning and problem-solving in a range of authentic contexts, maximising our natural resources outside the classroom, and assimilating the essential concepts in the four basic operations through first-hand experience.

Curriculum year 1
Curriculum year 2

Key stage 2

We take our enthusiasm for learning on through KEY STAGE 2 (Year 3 through to Year 6) building on the skills-based learning approach initiated within our Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. The imaginative, diverse and creative curriculum we teach is very carefully planned to meet the needs of our children and all topics have links to The Sustainable Development Global Goals as well as the Rights of the Child. Differentiated lessons pinpointing children’s personal learning targets are identified throughout the curriculum; assessment is both formative and summative, allowing teachers to build up a picture of the ‘whole child’.

We encourage children to develop the confidence to investigate and enquire, to solve problems and to take responsibility for their own learning.We aim to enrich their learning experiences, broadening their social horizons and cultural interests.

Curriculum year 3
Curriculum year 4
Curriculum year 5
Curriculum year 6


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