Spanish and Catalan 💬

On Wednesday 17th of March Secondary students had the opportunity to go out and get to know a little more about the town and the history of Canet. Specifically, we visited the museum house of Lluís Domenech i Montaner, the  Masia Rocosa  and made an itinerary through the village observing some of the modernist facades of more historical and artistic value.

The CASA DOMÈNECH, or his family’s summer residence, reveals Lluís Domènech Montaner’s more intimate side.

The MASIA ROCOSA, which was Lluís Domènech i Montaner’s architecture workshop, shows his more professional side as an architect, editor,politician and intellectual.

It was a very special day learning a lot of different things about history, art, architecture and culture and students were able to see how Modernism was a movement of great value for the creation of a Catalan political and cultural identity.

English 🗣️

Year 10

We are deep into the analysis of poetry from around the world, mostly exploring relationships between parents and children. We have a summative evaluation this Monday that will ask students to analyse an unseen poem and give them the opportunity to write about their preferred poem too. Then in two weeks time students will participate in a poetry slam and attempt to impress us all.

Students have been writing their own verses too: about learning a new language, about Spring and imitating different writers.

Forest Outing 🌳🌲

We welcomed spring by learning about knots, how and when to use them, and climbing to la Creu for lunch with a spectacular view. On our way down we saw how well our shelters had survived the winter and learned how to prepare a fireplace and set up a tripod to cook food.

Business 💼

Year 10

What are the different departments within a company and how do they interact? Students have had to learn about the roles and responsibilities in Human Resources, Marketing, Finance and Production.

History 📖

Year 7 and 8

We have marked International Women’s Month by researching important yet relatively unknown Medieval women. Students learn about the roles that women performed and we were particularly interested in Ende the Illuminator who worked on a manuscript that is housed in the Girona Cathedral. 

Art 🎨

Year 7 and 8

In Art Y78, students have been working to complete their design of the Socarrat ceramic tiles for the ISCAT School Garden. The tiles came out of the kiln, and students each made a presentation to the class explaining the history of Socarrat, the technique and materials used, and how they created their own designs. 

Design Technology‍💻

In DT Y9, we’ve spent the time improving software skills by continuing our study and work with Adobe Photoshop, combined with the Art Y9 project of the Graphic Novel. There is some really fantastic work being produced by the students, and they are becoming adept at expressing their ideas through this design software. 

Computing 🖥️

In Computing Y78, we’ve been finishing off our Python studies with some additional time spent on functions which will make the game programming of ESCAPE THE MUMMY much faster and more efficient. 

Pastoral 👩‍🏫

In Pastoral Y9 we have been developing a charter of rights for everyone in the school to be aware of and to enforce. Students have examined all of the UNICEF rights, and then worked independently to select the ones the they consider most important for the school for the rest of this year.